Isentia is a media intelligence and award-winning insights company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, operating in Australia, New Zealand and parts of South-East Asia. Isentia is engaged in the provision of media intelligence services to both public and private sector PR and communications clients through media monitoring, insights and analysis.


Enhance your strategic communications and media relations, be crisis ready and manage your reputation by tracking key messages, issues and audience sentiment across channels, with more accessible and easier-to-use data.

Always be the first to know with real-time alerts and real-time analytics that help you spot trends and take action to help your organisation build its reputation.


The way you work is different, and so are your needs. We know from experience that government bodies need confidence, relevance and simplicity when it comes to media intelligence.

Work with people who understand your complex needs and deliver a service you can trust. From parliamentary news monitoring and intelligence to doorsteps and press conference transcripts, our onsite team will tailor a solution that is right for you.


Get a grasp on your opportunities and challenges with more than just a ‘gut feeling’. We work with you to understand the problems you want to solve and give you the research that puts knowledge and recommendations in your hands.

Understand everything from what’s influencing buyer behaviour, to which competitors are causing shifts in your market. Isentia delivers insights that give you the full story on your industry, customers, and partners.

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Pulsar uses industry specific artificial intelligence to synthesize billions of visual and textual data points from millions of online sources every day to provide real-time and historic understanding of public opinion and shifting consumer behaviours.


TRENDS shows the issues and ideas having impact and how these evolve as they spread around the world.


TRAC collects news, social and search data on those issues, globally, for deeper analysis, showing posts, engagements, impressions, topics, emotions and key concepts. It also looks at the audience behind the conversation, helping you see how different communities engage with the same issue differently. Audience segmentation by demographics as well as affinities and behaviours, helps you improve marketing relevance, targeting and audience engagement.


CORE looks at the performance of your own digital channels from your website to your social presence, allowing you to measure the growth of your audience and the performance of your content over time, to help inform better campaign strategy and optimisation.


Research blends some of the brightest minds in audience intelligence with custom analytics models by industry. Pulsar works with leading brands in continuous and one-off research engagements, integrating quantitative and qualitative methodologies to turn audience data into strategic insight.

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Vuelio helps organisations make their story matter by providing monitoring, insight, engagement and evaluation tools for politics, editorial and social media in one place.

The technology is used by more 3,000 organisations globally, from large enterprises and communications agencies to public sector bodies and not-for-profits.

The unique combination of PR, public affairs and social media provides clear differentiation in the market as well as opportunity for upsell and cross-sell within the existing client base.

PR & Communications

Vuelio makes our clients’ stories matter with access to the world’s most comprehensive media and influencer database. They get the practical information they need to make their communications even more effective with insights, distribution, monitoring and engagement plus analysis and evaluation tools.

Public Affairs

Clients can influence the debate with strategic insights into the political landscape. Vuelio Political Services provides the tools to identify, understand and engage with the people and policies that make a difference.

Stakeholder Management

Vuelio allows clients to build and maintain strong relationships with a CRM developed specifically for a PR, communications or public affairs team. Our software keeps track of contacts received and any response made so your team can easily monitor, measure and manage relationships.

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ResponseSource is the network that connects media and influencers to the resources they need, fast.

Thousands of journalists and influencers draw on trusted contacts to help them create high quality, expert content.

At the same time, ResponseSource gives PR and communications professionals an established way to secure the attention of the most important media and content creators.

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