Incident and Crisis Management

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With brand identity, perceived professionalism and industry reputation as key drivers for sustained growth in competitive markets, the need for Incident Management tools and stringent control over crisies in real-time has never been more crucial. AIControlPoint is a market leading solution for the effective logging, monitoring and control of your company’s incident management life cycle that demonstrably improves the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of these processes, ensuring best practice from your incident management team.

AIControlPoint has received critical acclaim worldwide, winning awards from institutions such as Gartner for its ground-breaking methodology. The powerful solution has been effectively adapted to a wide range of business demands and industry types; most prominently Energy, Aviation and Finance, where it has successfully been utilised to greatly reduce the impact of global, media-centric disasters.


PR, Media and Reputation Management

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Companies continue to face the challenge of effective and proactive management of corporate communications and market reputation. Access Intelligence’s PR, Media and Reputation Management solution, Vuelio, enables you to monitor the effect of your communications activities as well as the impact of external events. Whether you are creating, disseminating and monitoring daily PR activities or managing the reputational impact of a major incident, Vuelio has the functionality to manage one of your most important assets; your brand.


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