We believe that to realise lasting improvement in diversity and organisational inclusion, we all have a part to play . We’re committed to help and so we’ve launched accessmatters. This platform is designed to encourage listening, sharing of experience and best practice while promoting collaboration around the actions that will have greatest positive impact on our industry and our society.

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Live sessions

Listen and learn from the people in your industry. Our live accessmatters sessions are the furthest from a webinar you can imagine.

Hear from a PR & comms professional and understand their story. Engagement for these sessions is encouraged so expect plenty of time for questions from both our host and the audience. Not a slide in sight!

Melissa Lawrence, chief executive of the Taylor Bennett Foundation, talks to us about her experience working for a social mobility charity in professional and financial sectors and the positive stories and challenges she’s faced since joining the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

Julian Obubo, partner and head of diversity and inclusion at Manifest spoke about the importance of developing a diverse agency and how we can all be anti-racist. He also spoke about working with clients who use racist language, the importance of educating yourself and why it’s important to be specific.

Sara Hawthorn, founder and managing director of InFusion Comms spoke about her own experiences as a deaf individual and owner of an agency outside of London that was recently awarded Blueprint Ally status.

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External Resources

Ideas for Ears

Ideas for Ears is a social enterprise with the aim to make the UK a more hearing-friendly nation.

Sara suggested using their resources when it comes to event planning and they have helpful checklists to make sure your events are accessible for more people.

Discover their resources here.


Recommendations from both staff and external contributors for accessmatters:

Useful websites

Recommendations from both staff and external contributors for accessmatters:

Social Enterprises

Recommendations from both staff and external contributors for accessmatters:

  • IntoUniversity – provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve, supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration.

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