About Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence is a tech innovator, delivering high quality SaaS products that address the fundamental business needs of clients in the PR, marketing and communication industries.

We help them understand what’s important to their customers and their brand as they navigate a constantly changing world of politics, news and social media.

Our flagship product is Vuelio, the platform that helps organisations make their stories matter. It’s a fully integrated communications management software, used by more than 3,000 global organisations every day.

Vuelio provides monitoring, insight, engagement and evaluation tools for politics, editorial and social media in one place.

Our client list includes blue-chip enterprises and global communications agencies, public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations. They use our services to influence the political agenda and ensure their communications are relentlessly effective in building awareness, reputation and engagement.

Vuelio operates on a subscription model with value determined by the number of modules and users. It is a flexible, lean SaaS model that generates 99% recurring revenues.

Sustained growth

In 2017 Access Intelligence completed a year of restructuring, becoming a streamlined operation with flagship product Vuelio.

Since then, our portfolio has continued to evolve, with the addition in 2018 of ResponseSource, the network that connects media and influencers to the resources they need, fast.

More than 30,000 journalists use ResponseSource to secure the insight, information and connections they need from a selected range of trusted and reliable contacts.

For creators, it’s a proven resource for producing high quality, expert content. For PR and comms professionals, it’s an established way to secure the attention of the most important media and influencers for their organisation.

Continued investment

In the world of communications, Access Intelligence is a first-mover, committed to constantly investing in new services, products and people so our clients stay ahead of change.

Initially, we are focused on developing our mobile applications and functionality for social media management in order to provide more powerful and flexible systems for monitoring, engagement and evaluation of communications activity. This is so we address the fundamental needs of an industry that needs to understand influence and impact in real time and, increasingly, on the move.

Our longer-term vision is to create a platform that fundamentally improves the relationship between business, government, media and the public by removing inefficiency in the flow of trusted information to those most influential to any organisation and their customer. Our vision is to apply technology to support a world of open and effective communication.