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Virtual Incident Room


It is impossible to predict and protect against everything that can affect your organisation, but it is important that when the unforeseen does occur, you have the right tools to react quickly and effectively to reduce any negative impact. AIControlPoint includes an advanced Virtual Incident Management tool that replicates the structure of a physical incident room and has been shown to significantly improve response times and effectiveness.

The Virtual Incident Manager enables an incident to be managed effectively from anywhere in the world 24/7. Restrictions such as having to get staff to a physical control room or having to update key decision makers by telephone are removed and your employees can focus on, respond to and resolve an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Access to the Virtual Incident Manager is completely secure via permission based user login. Once logged in, users are presented only with the features and procedures their role requires, removing distraction and ensuring a disciplined approach to Incident Management.

The solution enables relevant information (such as news feeds or geographical data) from outside the organisation to be fed directly into the Virtual Incident Manager, facilitating a full 360 degree view of the situation. This allows ground staff and other stakeholders to feed key information directly to crisis response staff in real time. This information is properly filtered within the system and gives your crisis response staff far more scope for informed decision making, without distracting them from their current focus on particular events that need full attention.

The Virtual Incident Manager is specifically designed to improve visibility of ongoing actions during a crisis, ensuring communication channels are kept open and staff are updated in real-time. This removes a range of immediate barriers to effective incident control.

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