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Traditional Incident Management processes generate high volumes of data, which is essential in producing effective risk mitigation methodology. However, due to the amount and type of data recorded, it is often difficult to distil this into salient information. AIControlPoint’s reporting solution enables you to carry out in depth analysis of the full life cycle of your Incident Management process and simplifies the review of incident information through clear and concise tables and graphical reports.

Utilising the information captured through AIControlPoint provides valuable insight into what issues are impacting on your organisation’s operations, the frequency they appear and the areas most affected. The collection of Dashboard reports have been designed to assist in proactively evaluating your current processes and mitigating against any potential future threats.

Template reports include:

  • Volume of issues affecting a specific location
  • Volume of issues by type i.e. fire, weather, equipment damage
  • Frequency of issues by time and date
  • Issues escalated to the Virtual Incident Manager
  • Time taken to resolve issues
  • Incident Management Reporting

These reports provide complete visibility of the decisions made and actions taken by the stakeholders of major incidents or exercises that you have carried out.  A detailed audit trail ensures you have the clear, defensible information you need to demonstrate why decisions were made and what actions were taken. In high risk industries, this information is often vital in demonstrating compliance and best practice.

Reporting is also extremely valuable for modelling effective Incident Management processes; promoting best-practice for staff when reacting in real-time during a crisis or large scale incident. Reporting on the success of fundamental processes during testing, including tasks and actions that were not completed, delivers key insight into overall Incident Management effectiveness. This directly helps to highlight areas of concern and improve efficiency at each stage of the management process.

AIControlPoint also has an advanced reporting option. This uses an intuitive wizard, enabling you to easily customise reports to a wide range of additional requirements. You can export your reports to common file formats including CSV, Excel, PDF and Word, and schedule them so that they are automatically sent to the relevant people at a given time.

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