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People Manager


The well-being of your company’s staff and stakeholders is an integral part of any robust Incident Management procedure, although it traditionally involves significant record keeping and cross departmental communication. With the People Manager module, monitoring all staff and stakeholders affected by an incident is streamlined and immediate process. This constant monitoring of disparate teams during a crisis enables your Incident Management team to react quickly and responsibly to protect and safeguard your greatest asset; your workforce.

The People Manager module centralises all communication, documents and relevant information regarding individuals involved with an incident, into an easily manageable format. This facilitates controlled and detailed external communications to family, emergency services and the press.

The module is SaaS based, which means it can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time, giving you the confidence that when an incident does occur, the right people will have the right information to take control.

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Subsea 7 work in dangerous, and typically incommunicable, areas and so have a high need to protect their staff.

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