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Incident Notification


AIControlPoint has been specifically designed and built to enable you to identify, manage, and then control incidents and events that may impact on the smooth running of your operations. It is vital that when an incident occurs, the relevant people within your organisation are notified as early as possible so that they can take action.

The notification module streamlines the communication process around an incident by automatically providing relevant information directly to the right people by SMS, email, text to voice, pager, or through automated voice messages. This helps to remove internal communication barriers and improve incident response times. Recipients can also confirm and respond to information directly from their phones, with the response automatically recorded and logged in the audit trail.

In addition to automatic notifications, the module can also be used to send ad-hoc messages directly to individual staff members, groups and departments, as well as people who do not have a login to the system. The module also ensures that you have complete visibility of all notifications taking place within your organisation and a full audit trail of communications for post incident evaluation. This provides detailed information on what was sent, when it was sent, who received it, and then the result of any further action taken.

AIControlPoint is a SaaS based solution, which means that it can be accessed via any internet enabled device, including smartphones and tablets, 24/7, ensuring that when an incident does occur, your staff have the right information to take control.

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