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Incident Logging


Incident Management is an essential component of any successful organisation to ensure its continued smooth running. The most important step is to translate your  plans into effective procedures within the organisation, so that your employees work together to ensure a seamless approach to Incident Management. The Dashboard module provides you with the mechanism to create a robust management procedure and an automated workflow process that consistently delivers best practice.

The Dashboard look, feel and workflow is responsive to your specific needs as a business, and replicates existing incident procedures to greatly improve efficiency, without forcing your Incident Management staff to completely change the way they work. Our interface has been specifically designed for ease of use, reducing the chance of human error in time critical situations. It has been shown to significantly reduce incident logging times and provide immediate clarity.

When combined with the notification module, the Dashboard ensures that any information logged is automatically communicated to the relevant people by email, SMS, pager or text to Voice. This ensures that those able to aid the response are not kept out of the loop.

The Dashboard allows you to enhance your Incident Management processes through heightened flexibility combined with tested workflows that have been set up within the system.  The Dashboard also gives you a complete audit trail, provides full visibility into what is affecting your organisation on a regular basis and identifies key areas for improvement.

Other Product Features

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