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Cloud and Hosting


Access Intelligence’s state of the art SaaS solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure

An Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform such as Microsoft Azure allows Access Intelligence to offer tiered hosting options for customers, allowing them to implement even more scalable and resilient solutions. With this approach, standalone environments for our regulated customers become more viable, and it also allows Access Intelligence to expand globally and offer hosted environments in multiple countries tailored around the specific capabilities of the Microsoft Platform.

Additionally as our high-end customer base has expanded, the need for more enhanced disaster recovery capabilities, as well as even stronger safety and security support, has become paramount. Our new hosting capabilities will allow Access Intelligence to offer geo-replicated solutions, providing further resilience in the unlikely event of an outage for our mission critical products.

How reliable is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is backed by Microsoft’s expanding network of highly secure managed datacentres, all using the latest technology.  Currently, the company has datacentres across 19 regions worldwide. Furthermore, Microsoft boasts high availability across many of its products and 24/7 tech support and health monitoring.

Who relies on Microsoft Azure for their hosting requirements?

  • > 250,000 Azure users
  • > 90,000 NEW customers a month
  • New functionality is delivered, on average every 36 hours
  • 19 x Regions (More than Amazon and Google combined) and each Data centre is one football pitch in size (there are 4+ in Dublin), with the capacity to run up to 600,000 servers in every region (11.4 million servers across all regions)
  • One of the top 3 networks in the world (coverage, speed, connections)

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