About Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence Plc is the parent company of a group of Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses that deliver comprehensive reputation and risk management solutions for both the public and private sectors. Our strategy is to build a focused portfolio of businesses in target industries and build their value through organic growth and service excellence.

Access Intelligence helps organisations effectively manage their reputation and mitigate risk. Our custom-built SaaS platforms offer a range of reputation and crisis management applications through the cloud.

All our solutions are provided using Microsoft’s highly secure Azure infrastructure giving customers complete confidence and security. Our solutions have been designed in collaboration with some of the largest companies in the world, ensuring they are fundamentally fit for purpose.

Our Software Solutions

Vuelio – Provides PR, public affairs, and reputation management solutions to ensure a consistent approach to corporate communications

Stable solutions to enhance your processes

All Access Intelligence solutions have been designed collaboratively with industry leading blue-chip companies worldwide. What this means is that they are fundamentally fit for purpose, have been designed with experts who use the systems daily, and have faced years of rigorous testing to ensure reliability and effectiveness.